We provide fixed fee quotes for routine compliance, to include all telephone and email queries as long as they can be dealt with reasonably quickly. Where additional advice or standalone projects are required we provide fee quotes in advance where possible, based on hourly rates which vary in accordance to the skill and expertise required.
We act for clients all over the country and overseas. We are happy to travel to meet clients where appropriate but are also making increased use of technology, with most accounting software being cloud based and meetings efficiently being held by video conferencing where suitable. Sometimes face to face meetings are the best way of course.
Yes of course. We are happy to work with financial advisors, investment managers and solicitors you already have in place. But equally, we are happy to make recommendations based on your individual circumstances if you would like us to.
Please click here to download the current tax rates and allowances.
Yes, we offer the opportunity for our clients to have a ‘one stop shop’, albeit our focus is on the tax planning and strategy, as we feel modern day accounting packages perform a great deal of the function traditionally completed by accountants, as long as they are set up correctly and regularly reviewed.
We are able to offer tax advice on the treatment of pensions or investments, however, we are not financial planners and instead we work with experts in this field to provide a joined up approach. We work very closely with many fantastic financial advisors across the UK and we would be happy to offer a recommendation based on your requirements. Each person is different and, therefore, the type of advisor needed often reflects that.
We don’t judge a business by its size, we look to add value in the advice that we can provide. As long as your business can benefit from our tax advice, it is a perfect fit for us.

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